Hulk a Mania

"Watcha gonna do when the Hulkster runs wild on you?" When you hear that, there's no doubt who it's all about...It's HULK HOGAN in the house, brother!

Touted as the man that really made World Wrestling Federation (WWF) a household name in the 80s and 90s, Terry Gene Bollea has amazed, baffled, bemused, annnoyed and entertained us all. He's had quite a number of monickers in the past, but nothing ever came close to the most famous "Hulk Hogan."

An American semi-retired professional wrestler, Bollea alias Hulk Hogan made his ring debut in 1985. Since then, it has been an on-and-off relationship with professional wrestling where he is a 12-time world champion. Wrestling has always been his passion and he has shown it time and again, going into the ring to fight and risk losing life and limb with all the real stunts he pulls. He has been the good guy, the bad guy, and quite the colorful entertainer. In fact, he is sometimes seen dabbling in acting on TV and movies, most notably his first, a cameo as Thunderlips in Rocky III (1982).

Hogan is known as an entrepreneur as well with "ventures as varied as a restaurant called Pastamania, a blender known as the Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer, microwaveable sandwiches dubbed Hulkster Burgers, and a reality show" ( And now, he is into website hosting with Hostamania, a business venture with Tech Assets, and one that has created a lot of buzz with its commercial of Hogan pulling a Miley Cyrus act...of sort.

In 2005, Hulk Hogan was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertaiment (WWE, formerly WWF) Hall of Fame, proof of his skills and successful longevity in the business. It seems there is still no stopping him as well as the Hulkster is back in the ring doing the stuff he knows best.

No matter where in the appreciation spectrum you are, positive or otherwise, it cannot be denied that world wrestling would never be the same without Hulk Hogan...It's HULKAMANIA time!


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